Do you see what I see ?

The more I learn about photography, the more I find it is about personal likes and dislikes. So, please send me any comments for my guestbook via the contact form - I'd really like to know what you think about my images. Thank you.

Feedback on my very first commission - "Pic arrived safely and gave huge pleasure to donor and even more to recipient." V

"I found your website via AP forum - very smart set up and beautiful images. This is something I aspire to. I have saved it as a favourite and will keep visiting." J

"I've enjoyed travelling around your site and really enjoyed the flower images." G

"I think your site works brilliantly and showcases your images so well." C

"Some lovely photos, you obviously enjoy what you do." C

"The website is lovely and you have some wonderful images. I especially like the ones of Scotland which is my home- your love of landscape really shows." JF

"Lisa, what a fabulous website!! there are some great shots, you should be proud of yourself." D

"Your webb site is very proffessional, easy to find my way about! It's fast too, seems to work well." R

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