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Rufford Country Park, Notts

I was supposed to be going to Brownsea Island at the weekend but suffered all last week with a horrible cold I picked up at work. So, instead, as Sunday was a lovely day and I was feeling a little better, I went to Rufford Park in Nottinghamshire. Now is a good time to see little birds as they are very active and there isn't much foliage on the trees to hide them. I saw the usual suspects and also a Tree Creeper which I've never seen before. It's a good idea to take some seed as the birds here are used to being fed and will come down even when you're close. I'd put some seed down were I wanted the birds to come to, but was upstaged by a lovely couple with a bagful of bread and nuts which they strew all over the place, so thawting my cunning plan. :-((