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Trip to Skye....

I booked to go to Skye for a week with TheDigitalDawn (Garry Branningan) at the end of 2008. I'd never been to the island and being a poor sailor (even in a flat calm) being able to go over on the bridge was an advantage. I decided the trip was just too long after an arduous week at work so stopped off in Glasgow overnight. This gave me a day to go from Glasgow to Skye and enjoy the scenery. The place that amazed me the most was Rannock Moor (see image on website) - no wonder it's such a popular place with photographers !!

The Hotel Sligachan on Skye is very comfortable and the size of their fillet steaks has to be seen to be believed. On the course there was me and 5 blokes, all very nice and helpful (carried my tripod a couple of times ;-) and we all had a great time. The midges were still fierce though and one chap in particular came out in big boils.

The weather for the week was ideal, mostly bright and sunny, some cloud and a cool breeze. I don't particularly enjoy getting up at 4.30am to go out at 5.30am but it was well worth it.

Would I go back again - definitely! Would the weather be the same - probably not.