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Bass Rock 17th June 2010

After my trip to Bempton, I was even keener to get onto Bass Rock to see the gannet colony. I now get sea sick even on a flat calm so had got some pills from the doctor, which worked very well. I booked the trip with Photographers on Safari and as usual was not disappointed. Everything was well organised and apart from an unexpected low tide preventing the boat picking us up for an hour, everything went to plan (apart from me taking my tripod but forgetting the plate for the camera !!!)

The trip out from Dunbar to the Rock was wonderful and was worth while, just from the point of view of seeing the sea birds skimming across the sea. Once on the rock there is a quite a climb up to the vantage area. Anyone reasonably fit should be OK, but I'm not good at climbing so I took my time and got there eventually.

The area you can go in is small but as you're totally surrounded by thousands of gannets in the air and on land, there are no lack of photo opportunities. I found the best photos I got were when the gannets were framed against the sky - images taken in the colony just had too many birds in view, unless you were trying to capture a specific behaviour.

I had a fantastic time and we all thought the gannets were spectacular. I'll definitely be going again !

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