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Inspiring Scotland

Having recovered (just) from 8 weeks of coughing and sneezing, off I went to Scotland to stay in the region of Wester Ross around Kinlochewe.

In my usual Girl Guide way, I had snow tyres on the car and a shovel in the back, which almost came in handy as there was a snow fall just prior to my travelling. The snow lasted on the mountains for the next week, though thankfully the weather was milder and the roads clear.

Click HERE to see the snow capped mountains on the A9 through Scotland.

The Wester Ross/Torridon area is very majestic with soaring mountains with unpronouncable names (sorry Garry, I only know which is which from your list). However, it isn't too bleak as there are plenty of wooded areas to explore. As I found out, wellies are a must (I didn't have any) unless you enjoy Scottish dancing your way from one tuft of grass to the next.

After an enjoyable but exhausting week, I went to Skye for a well earned rest. The weather was overcast much of the time, so I wandered around and visited several galleries. A big thank you to Russell Sherwood of Skyescape Gallery for taking the time to discuss printing with me ( and also to Ken Bryan of Three Herons Gallery for pointing out some new locations.

The last 3 days of my holiday were spent in GlenCoe where it poured it down most of the time. There were a few hours in the afternoons where I managed to get a couple of images, but otherwise it was way too wet to even get the camera out of the bag. What was amazing to see, was the water pouring down off the mountains in torrents and waterfalls into the River Coe.

So, the lesson learnt about photography in Scotland is take your wellies and hope they don't leak !! ;-)))