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10 tips for framing prints

1. don't cut the mount to exactly the size required - if you do manage to get it in the frame you'll never get it out again !
2. check the mount card for marks before you start cutting it up - you'll save time and you won't be swearing to yourself when you spot a blob on the card right in the margin.
3. measure the hole you've drawn out in the mount for the image before cutting it out - it may not be the right size (especially if it's late at night and adding up isn't your best thing)
4. if you have to drill holes for screws etc be careful, you could just end up going right through the frame (the voice of experience !)
5. place the frame on a white card - that way your should be able to spot the dust inside the glass BEFORE you put the print in and seal it up.
6. have a hoover handy for removing said dust
7. have a flat screwdriver for prising up and pushing down the metal tags - that way you won't have sore finger ends most of the next day.
8. don't drill the holes for hanging screws too deep - you screw may just end up going round and round in said hole
9. be careful what you stick to bubble wrap - you may never get it off again
10. have a bottle of your favorite drink ready - you'll need it by the time you've finished !